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LoadJam F.A.Q.

These files are available only for Premium Members. Payment methods for Premium Membership are represented under the file description, on file Download page.

Your IP, location or any other characteristics do not matter. There is only one way to access these Premium Files, and that is by purchasing a Premium Membership to

The uploader (owner) of the file opens some files for free download in order to give you the opportunity to its potential buyers to be convinced of the quality of the materials provided. The file uploader decides which files should be made available to the public and which should only be available to Premium Members.

LoadJam cannot remove Premium-only restrictions from a file. You should try contacting the file uploader on their website.

According to the Payment Policy, LoadJam does not provide trial Membership plans of any kind.

No. Your Membership will NOT automatically renew and your card will NOT be charged monthly. According to the Payment Policy, all our payments are one-time (non-recurring).

With Premium Membership, your daily limit is 10000 megabytes for 24 hours.

Free User does not have daily Traffic Limit, but there's a significant speed limit.

When you download a file, we check the total size of all the content you have requested in the last 24 hours. Repeated downloads of the same files within 24 hours are not counted. If you have exceeded the Daily Limit for your tariff, the download will not start. You'll get an error "Traffic quota exceeded".

Yes, you can bypass these pages, they're are OFF by default for LoadJam Premium Member. Files will automatically start downloading in your browser or download manager, bypassing pages with information about them. This feature is called `Direct Download`. If you need to view File-info pages, go to Account -> Settings -> Downloads and turn Direct Download feature OFF.

You should apply your code here. After applying the premium code, the account will be automatically renewed for the selected access period, you will receive a email with you Premium Membership expiration.

The Premium Code is a secret line of text. On LoadJam, this code always looks like `LETS_JAM_XXXXXXXXXXXX`. The premium code is generated by LoadJam and kept by the premium code seller (Reseller). A LoadJam user pays for a premium code on a Reseller website. After payment, the Reseller sends a premium code to the user. The user enters the premium code on the LoadJam website and the LoadJam membership is activated automatically.

A Premium Code (Voucher) can be purchased to activate your LoadJam Premium Membership when you do not wish or are unable to pay for your Membership directly with a credit card. On their websites, Premium Code sellers (Resellers) have a wide range of payment options for different countries, including bank transfers, local payment systems (such as NeoSurf, Pix, AliPay, WeChatPay and many others).

Trusted Resellers sell premium-keys for many other services. This eliminates the need for LoadJam to maintain a variety of payment systems that can be useful just for you!

Check your email regularly. If code is not recieved, contact Reseller support using contact form of addresses listed on their website.

We keep a close eye on resellers who are slow to process orders, are unfriendly to our users, or charge too high fee for an end-user. If you encounter some problems using a reseller, please inform us via the contact form with order details.

If you remember the email you used on LoadJam, enter it on this page. We will send a password reset link to the address provided.

With a Premium Membership, by default, we do not block download managers on our side, as long as their activity does not seem suspicious to our system administrators.

Make sure that you have entered the correct password for your account in the download manager. If it does not work, please inform our technical support about the operating system you are using, the name and version of the program you are using. Also, if possible, provide a link to download this program from the Internet.

You need to enable the Direct Download option. Go to Account -> Settings -> Downloads and turn Direct Download feature ON. Default value is OFF.

To delete your account, please submit a Support Request.

Possible reasons:

  1. a) you tried to upload a malicious file to the cloud
  2. b) you received a complaint about the files
  3. c) we received a message from mail service that the email you used during registration does not exist.

If you think your account was deleted in error, please fill out the form.

As mentioned in our Privacy Policy, we do not strore your Credit Card data, you pay for your membership via third-party secure SSL gateway. LoadJam need just a notification of your payment from Gateway to upgrade your account.

If the order was paid by Credit Card, its status shown in your Account -> Orders. If the order was made through a Reseller website (Premium code / Voucher), you will by notified by e-mail from Reseller's website or in your personal account on the Reseller's website (if available).

No. We do not have recurring payments. All payments are one-time. Your card will NOT be billed monthly. If your Membership is expired and you'd like to prolong it, you need to create a new Order.

'Sent' does not mean that your payment is processed or approved by your bank or payment system.
If your payment was successful (approved), the subscription usualy is activated immediately, within 3-5 seconds.
If your payment was unsuccessful (declined), the answer from the payment system usualy comes within an hour.
If your payment has been declined, you can try again or use alternative methods.

Please note: after sending payment from your credit card, you will be redirected to your orders.
If this automatic redirect did not occur, please follow this link.

  1. 1) We have an alternative credit card gateway. Please, use this link. Purchased codes should be applied here.
  2. 2) We have alternative payment methods (Premium Code Resellers) for many countries. In this F.A.Q, you can read more about using of Premium Codes (Vouchers).

You can log into your bank's personal account and view the transaction history. You can call the bank and check your latest payments.

Please provide the order number and the email address you used to purchase the membership. We will definitely refund your funds. Contact us.

No. There are no hidden fees for credit card payments. When purchasing Premium Code via Reseller, all commissions will be explicitly represented before payment.

  • - incorrect credit card data or phone number;
  • - balance is not enough;
  • - internet-payments are disabled;
  • - inner security on the client or merchant side.